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Testimonial Engine Restore Oil

SUNDAY MIRROR, DECEMBER 18, 2005, page 56
I can't recommend this stuff highly enough ....


“If your engine is low on compression and a bit smoky you’ve really got to try Ametech Engine Restorer. You add it at an oil change and it reverses engine wear.

I know these magic cure-alls have been around for ages, but this one really does work.

A mate’s Bentley S2 had a flickering oil light at low revs and clouds of blue smoke from the rear. Rather than swallow the two grand hit for an overhaul, he dumped two litres of Ametech (Engine Restore Oil) into the sump.

His S2 is now running as ‘sweet as a nut’, with no smoke and no blinking oil pressure light. At £39 a litre, Ametech’s not cheap, but it’s a very sound investment.

More details on 01728 726620 or www.restoreusa.com. You can also find it (and buy it) on eBAY (UK).”

29 Nov 05 hello,
i received the 2 litres of engine restore today, (same as before well packed and fast post) but this time i have had a proper test for it!!!!!!right ,the last lot i got from you i used in my bmw td and my jet ski (corkan2005) remember???any way it was all good blah blah blah,
i have just purchased a VOLVO V70 98 r reg T5 2.3 TURBO WITH 235.000 MILES ON THE CLOCK, THE ENGINE IS FINE AND FEELS LIKE ITS DONE A QUARTER OF THE MILES, so whats the test you ask? well with it doing this mileage it does show slight sighs of age eg.. slightly higher revs needed to pull off, slightly high tickover.dont get me wrong it does not blow smoke and sat very well at 140mph at the weekend with no problems (private road of course) so getting to the point!!!!!i purchased 2 litres of engine restore from you, 4.5 litres of castrol oil, and a new oil filter and changed all these earlier today. right so i fired the car up and let it tick over for 15 mins or so to check all was ok... then i drove it on a steady run for 20mls at low revs, i arrived home and left it to stand NOW THE TEST, i got back in it and drove off, straight away i noticed it pulled away with no problem and lower than usual revs, lots more power through the rev range, and the engine is not as noisy it was quiet anyway but you cant hear it now (all this within 50mls) im not trying to butter you up nor am i trying to get you more attention, i clearly do not need to do this, this product really really does work, please put this letter in your listings as this should seal any speculation or uming and arrring people may have. a truly spot on product from the americans (ohh and i know you said contact after 1000mls but really there is a difference straight away) if you get anybody who doubts it pass on my email address corkan10_849@fsmail.net
all the best for the future
regards mark

Hi,I have to say Im absalutely delighted with Engine Restore 'it does exaclty what it says on the tin'.
I have an 92 Astra GSI with a 190,000 miles on the clock on hard acceleration the car smoked quite badly, but after one treatment with Engine Restore it has totally cured the problem.
Regards William Hyndman August 05

Hi, Just a note to say I purchased 1ltr of this magic substance for my Landrover Discovery 3.9efi and IT WORKS the engine is quieter,more lively I am always VERY sceptical of these "MAGIC POTIONS" where the manufacurer claims all sorts of things. But I have to say that with this product "It does what it says on the can" to quote a phrase. A question can I add a little to the front and rear differentials and the transfer box? If so then i'll be ordering again many thanks again Brian Hitchen 2005-08-11

Dear Ametech,
I added a small can (probably too small in hind-sight) to my 1.9l Diesel Fiat Duplo Van that had an apparently reconditioned engine 25K miles ago- & what a difference!
I was expecting it to make little or not difference, but, it did the following:
½ The ‘Rattle’ at low speed
Better acceleration
Sounds ‘happy now at 70Mph instead of 60Mph
Less smoke
Much better economy
Really – totally amazing
Not cheap, but worth it.
Best regards
Mark Kenton 8/05

Hi...I have to tell you that your Ametech Engine Restore Oil IS THE BEST THING THATS GONE IN MY PORSCHE....SUPERB!!!!...What a difference this really makes...you should be rich from this as I would never have believed anything could really make such a real difference. Any one out there who needs something real that makes a real difference for the good in a cars performance should...and I mean should buy this...excellent...4 months on down the line and my Porsche is running like a new car...and I am serious...SUPERB!!!.. Just Superb!!!!!THANKS!!! myporscla1 Aug 05

Dave - I have used your product in two of my vehicles, my Mercedes Van 308 sounded like a bag of nails, now you wouldn't think it's the same van! I've also put it in my Lexus LS400, it was pretty quiet to start with, but now you can't hear if it's running. I'm hoping it will make the same miracles on my Renault 19 TD. What an excellent product, I would advise anyone to invest in it - many thanks Kelvin Greenough. August 2005
Hi, I bought some Engine Restore from you a few weeks back for my 1990 Mecedes 190e. The car had been to a workshop and I was told that I was losing oil that was getting past the rings and building up pressure.I thought the worst but I had seen your product on Ebay so thought I would give it a try. The car is now well again after 1500 miles it does not lose any oil,the acceleration is faster and I am getting an extra 14% on my MPG. Thanks for a wonderful product,I have just ordered 2 more cans. Regards Russ Harris August 2005

Hi! The 2 RESTORE cans arrived and I've driven about 380 miles with it in my Citro├źn XM VSX-CTS 2.0 litres turbo engine.
Sofar the fuelconsumption is already 17% lower and the effect of the engine is also considerably better - faster response and better acceleration.
I didn't expect it to work so fast and so good with my engine - but it did!
I can only say that I'm VERY PLEASED with my buy and I'll recommend it to everyone I know!
You'll hear from me again - later!
All the best from Sweden!
Karl-Otto June 2005

To: 2 Stroke and 4 stroke and wet clutch users of Ametech ENGINE RESTORE
From: Technical Department, Ametech
Hi Steve
YES you can even use RESTORE in Honda motorbike engines, with the following instructions and precautions:

1. You can treat any engine (2stroke or 4stroke) by adding a +/- teaspoon of RESTORE into each spark plug hole (or injector hole on diesels), and gently turning the engine over until the RESTORE has worked it's way down around the rings, then replace spark plugs (or injectors) and fire it up.....this works on all engines.......this repairs scratches in the cylinder bores and so improves compression and reduces blue smoke.....and improves mpg and power.

2. You can also treat any 4stroke (petrol or diesel ) by adding RESTORE [at the rate of one 250ml RESTORE can per 1000cc of engine capacity] to the engine oil (mineral or synthetic but not vegetable racing oil like Castor R). THERE IS AN EXCEPTION: some 4stroke motorbikes (ie Hondas) have a wet clutch with engine oil running through it - in this case you can safely treat as per para.1 above, or, we have now discovered you can introduce 1/2 can of RESTORE into the engine oil just prior to an oil change and run the bike in your back yard for an couple of hours (as long as possible without annoying the neighbours) reving occasionally ALL WITHOUT OPERATING THE CLUTCH. Then drain the old oil that has the remaining RESTORE in it and of course refill with fresh correct motorbike oil. Then when you ride away there is no RESTORE left to circulate and make the clutch slip.All the RESTORE has been absorbed and adsorbed into the crank bearings, big end and small end bearings, cylinder walls and piston rings by splash. However the engine has indeed been RESTORED so you will notice more power, less smoke and better mpg.....

3. If you have worn valve guides we recommend removing the rocker cover (also called valve cover) and pouring a few drops of RESTORE directly onto each valve stem (through the spring) and cam wear surface. An old kitchen syringe works well (don't use it for anything else afterwards of course). This normally takes care of valve problems.

4. You can treat any 2stroke that has a separate oil resevoir by pouring in 1/2 can directly into the oil resevoir and topping up with normal quality 2T oil. The RESTORE will be splashed inside the engine and repair main and crank bearings and cylinder bores and rings. The engine will become very powerful as the RESTORE is absorbed and burnished into the wear points, and results are lower blue smoke and better mpg of course. This should be treated as a one time repair on a scooter (i.e.once a year treatment). Please note RESTORE should never be put into petrol, or 2stroke petroil mix, as it may block the carb or injectors and we certainly don't want it combusting into the atmosphere as it contains copper silver lead = CSL.....

5. You can treat a manual gearbox or conventional differential, each with a teaspoon of RESTORE and get rid of the whine (NOT automatics or limited slip diffs, please as the clutch packs will slip).

trust this answers your question?

Bottom end knock? Ouch!
Bottom end knock normally means a short motor or new shell bearings and maybe a new crank costing up to £3000.
If the damage is not too severe RESTORE will repair the damage for under £30 within a 100 miles of gentle driving....... read on about this unique metal treatment bringing breakthrough technology to the motoring world, and 100 : 1 savings compared to conventional repairs....... enginerestore

YES, AMETECH RESTORE OIL CopperSilverLead (CSL) particles will repair everything metal to metal : manual gearboxes and standard differentials, hoist cylinder hydraulics, cylinders, pistons and rings, valve guides, crankshaft, main bearings, camshaft, bushings and bearings, oil pump gears and bushings, most power steering systems (P/S), and bring dimensions back to very near to original specifications.
Add 5% AMETECH by volume for maintenance and up to 30% for an extreme mechanical repair treatment....!
CONSTRUCTION MINING and CONCRETE EQUIPMENT OWNERS: AMETECH at 5% by oil volume can repair the entire hydraulic steering and lifting system (ie stop GALLING) in a forklift or wheelloader or bulldozer ..... call for details

"Dave, Will RESTORE help my Mercedes Benz low oil pressure and bad compression?"
Hi John, YES !
Just to clarify - Ametech Engine Restore Oil contains micro particles of CSL copper silver lead in a honeycomb matrix -under a microscope they look like the inside of chocolate malteser balls! These particles vary between 2micron and 16micron in diameter and find their way to every hot spot and wear point in the engine. The CSL particles will repair everything they touch: cylinders, pistons and rings, valve guides, crankshaft, main bearings, camshaft, bushings and bearings, oil pump gears and bushings, and bring dimensions back to very near to original specifications. We halt the repair process before it reaches 100% because we DON'T want the dimensions to be over-reduced from original (which would make the engine tight of course!). I can confirm that Ametech Engine Restore Oil will repair the 'wear' in your oil pressure system. It wont repair leaky oil seals, broken piston rings though. A worn engine has to be mechanically sound for RESTORE to work it's magic... If you invest in a can for each engine litre, and run the engine for 1000 miles (or 10hours) you will see the oil pressure slowly climb back to normal (and stay there!). Ametech Engine Restore Oil is a permanent repair to the engine... Regards enginerestore

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WHAT IS AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE? Every vehicle's engine wears out as a result of friction at the approximate rate of 1/1000 inch per 10,000 miles during normal operation. Drag Racing can wear out an engine in one run down the track. Friction causes wear of the cylinder walls which leads to compression loss. Lost compression results in your engine having less power --- it runs poorly and has sluggish acceleration. It also can cause increased oil burning, exhaust smoking, and poor fuel economy. RESTORE - Ametech Engine Restorer and Lubricant is a unique ENGINE additive that repairs those worn-out areas in the cylinder walls and bearings, thereby restoring cylinder compression and improving engine performance to nearly new original condition.

Ametech Engine RESTORE is the only product that contains the proprietary CSL remetallizing formula. This technologically advanced formulation fills in and seals micro-leaks in the cylinder walls. The result is increased engine compression and more engine power. Independent lab tests prove that Ametech Engine RESTORE really works to increase cylinder compression. We have many sizes of cans. The most popular engine in the UK is the small 4 cylinder (Diesel or Petrol) and so we are offering our 250 ml can which is for all 4 stroke engines up to 1000cc. If you have a 6cyl or 8cyl up to 3000cc we suggest you buy two cans. A 4.2 Jag might need 4 cans. If you have a DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE or CATERPILLAR BULLDOZER or BIG FISHING BOAT contact us as you probably need 160 litres of Restore! Makes a great gift that will save money over the next year due to improved mpg. Buy now with confidence! For 18 years AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE - REMETALLISING OIL has been the only product that can restore compression to internal combustion engines (even MAZDA RX-7 and NSU Ro-80 Wankel style rotary engines!). RESTORE is for all 4 cycle Diesel and Petrol engines, yes even railroad locomotives and fishing boat diesels. NASA developed this proprietary metal treatment lubricant to work in the vacuum of outer space. Now this terrestrial version RESTORES and rebuilds any 4cycle engine from the inside out, within about 500 miles, using CSL(tm) - colloidal molecular sized COPPER, SILVER and ENCAPSULATED LEAD particles (=CSL) carried in a high grade (ASTM)engine oil. These 3 metals are supposed to be in your engine but get worn away by normal friction. RESTORE works with all engine oils, even synthetics like Mobil 1. Now YOU can buy this revolutionary engine oil and improve piston ring compression and engine performance during 500 miles of normal driving. Drive HARDER, and RESTORE will work FASTER, and give BETTER results: ie RACING - THIS ONE REALLY WORKS. It is an ENGINE additive, not an oil additive. AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE works on the engine metal, not on the oil. AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE was put in a Porsche(tm) at Le Mans and the last lap was timed at the same lapsed time as the first lap. (Without RESTORE, race cars gradually get slower over time due to friction build up and increased wear and loss of compression. ENGINE RESTORE fixes this problem.) More than 120 million cans sold in the USA and Canada since 1985. No complaints. This one really works. BUY IT NOW. Resell at car boot sales. A basic engine overhaul costs over £2000.... A basic set of gaskets and o-rings for a Mazda RX-7 costs over £350.... RESTORE is under £20.

Following great success at Lord Montagu's Car Show at Beaulieu and the Land Rover Owner International Show in Peterborough, and the NEC Classic Car Show, we are pleased to share with you some comments from recent clients:
Hello Dave, Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the results acheived with your engine restore oil. One week ago, on hard acceleration, I would not be able to see the car behind for smoke, my car would splutter and it was not very smooth at all (sometimes thought it was a kangaroo). Now, after using engine restore, (about 180 miles driven so far), things are so much more different: Much less smoke; faster, smoother acceleration; and less engine noise. The car in question is a 37 year old Jag.
My other car, a Frontera, did not have a smoke or rough running problem, but was noisy and very sluggish. After putting in the engine restore oil, the reduction in noise was apparent within the first 20 miles!! Also, believe it or not, the Frontera also accelerates quicker than it did before. Three different garages have attempted to improve the acceleration but each have said the engine compression was fine and the car was tuned correctly , "it must just be a slow car". We all know 4X4's are not the quickest of vehicles, but when a Morris Minor could pull away from the lights and keep up with me I knew something was not quite right.
Not so now! For the first time since owning the Frontera it has started to accelerate up hills that, until now, it was all it could do to maintain the same speed. Judging by the amount of miles travelled on the fuel that was in the tank, it would appear that the MPG has increased as well. I will calculate the fuel consumption this week and let you know of the results. For reference, at the last check the Frontera was getting approx 29.5 MPG only if I drove very sedately.
Needless to say, you can expect more orders from me in the future.Kind regards.Roland

Hi Dave, Whilst on vacation in Florida last year (June 2002) I purchased a tin of Engine Restore. When I got home I serviced my car (Nissan Micra 1986) changed the oil etc and added the Ametech Engine Restore. Well nothing happened in the short term, it is only lately that I have noticed a marked difference. The engine used to sound a bit like a stone rattling in an empty can with noticeable piston slap. Now it is considerably quieter and the piston slap has all but disappeared. I have not done anything to the car since last June so I can only attribute this to the Ametech Engine Restore. I know this seems strange that the product has taken 7/8 months to work but I am putting this down to the fact that my annual mileage is about 2.5 to 3k consisting of a 2 mile trip to the rail station daily and the odd 2/3 mile trip to the shops. The cars is 15 years old has had several owners and could have done any sort of mileage to what is showing on the clock (approx 50k). Well its time for another service and I want to use the product again, the only problem is that I can't find it for sale in England, there are contact addresses on the USA Engine Restore web site and trying several companies that are on Restores web site they do not ship outside of the US. So searching through the web I found you and wondered if you could help me with the address of Engine Restore UK to see if they can sell to me direct or to point me to a supplier in the UK or who can ship to England. Thanks for your help in advance. Roy C (original on file) Editor: We responded to Roy?s quest by opening a warehouse here in the UK, Ametech Engine Restore UK, The Technology Centre, Station Street, Framlingham, Suffolk IP13 9EZ, UK

Another satisfied client:
Hi, Bought some Ametech Engine Restore from you a few weeks ago and i'm writing to say how pleased and amazed i am with it.
I own a 10 year old Rover Sterling 2.7 with 110,000 miles on clock and the engine used to sound like an old sewing machine tapping away.I was quoted about £500 to replace the hydraulic tappets which i was told would cure the noise. As that is about all the car is worth i didn't bother as the car still drove ok. Anyway, getting to the point, i changed the oil and filter about two weeks ago and added the Engine Restore and the tapping stopped straight away, incredible! I shall be buying this excellent product again.Thanks,Huw R

David, I should think I have covered over 500 miles by now and there is a difference.Idles has dropped by about 200rpm but the engine revs better and is definetly crisper than before.It is certainly more like my other 164 now.
Car in question is an alfa 164 with about 165,00 miles on original engine.Oil consumption will be interesting as they all use a drop.Oil pressure cant comment on as guage is faulty. A well worthwhile exercise for £10 plus p&p ! regards john

Dear enginerestore,
Hi. Bunged the engine restore in our series 3 Land Rover, and it was almost immediately smoother and quieter (ie we can now just about hear ourselves think). Fantastic stuff I'll order some more for our other Landy. Helen

Dear enginerestore,
Hi as i said i would i have used your product and the car has travelled 502 miles since oil change and i have now sold the vehicle which was a Vauxhall Frontera 2.3td the guy who bought it said he had tried other similiar cars and this one had as he described it had more power than any of this year with 116000 on the clock .Thanks for selling my car as i think without it it would have been an also run Regards Barry
Thank you

Dear enginerestore,
When are you going to have some more Ametech Engine Restore for sale? I have changed my car after i stopped an oil leak by using 2 tins of the Engine restore and going on a round trip of 800 miles. So my new car is definitely getting THE treatment. Many thanks Jo-Ann

I bought some Restore and after 400 miles it is a huge improvement on my car. The engine was shaking before and missfiring and was blowing smoke.
Now it maybe has a small purr.. it runs very smooth and it has so much more power. My car has 120,000 Mi and is starting to behave like a new car.
Can I buy a case of Restore from you? Sincerely! Max

David, It's like 'Automotive Viagra' for your car. Thanks, Paul B


  1. I bought a 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V. Little did I know that this model had a defect that caused the primary cat. to disintegrate and suck into the cylinders. After 75,000 miles, it was burning oil. After 102,000 miles it was idling on 3 cylinders. I gave RESTORE a shot before overhauling the engine. Now it idles smoothly and doesn't stall.

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